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Web Design with XHTML, HTML and CSS: Level 3

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

While using the Internet, you might have encountered many websites that are aesthetically appealing and also provide you with world class service. As a web designer, you would like to create and design a website that attracts many users. In the Web Design with XHTML, HTML, and CSS: Level 3 course, you will apply the best practices of web design and create a website that enhances the usability and interactivity of the web page/site.

Lesson 1: Creating Forms
Topic 1A: Create a Form with Basic Form Elements
Topic 1B: Add Advanced Form Elements
Topic 1C: Enhance a Form's Appearance Using CSS
Topic 1D: Form Submission

Lesson 2: Creating Advanced Styles and Page Layouts
Topic 2A: Create Complex Page Layouts
Topic 2B: Create a Box Layout with Rounded Corners Using CSS
Topic 2C: Create Advanced Styles Using CSS

Lesson 3: Optimizing a Website for Accessibility
Topic 3A: Create a Breadcrumb
Topic 3B: Construct a Website with Accessibility Features
Topic 3C: Optimize a Website for Display on a Mobile Device

Lesson 4: Optimizing a Website for Search Engines
Topic 4A: Make a Website Search Engine Friendly
Topic 4B: Create a Site Map

Lesson 5: Publishing a Website
Topic 5A: Make a Website Printer Friendly Using CSS
Topic 5B: MIME Type Identification
Topic 5C: Test a Site on a Local Server
Topic 5D: Publish a Site on a Remote Server