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Visual Basic 6: Introduction

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Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,497

Class Outline:

Getting Started with Visual Basic

· Introducing Visual Basic

· Understanding the Visual Basic Desktop

· Using the Menu Bar

· Using the Toolbar

· Using the Project Explorer

· Using the Form Designer

· Using the Toolbox

· Using the Properties Window

· Using the Form Layout Window

· Using the Code Window

· Getting Help

Programming with Objects

· Programming with BASIC

· Understanding Event-Driven Programming

· Messaging with Microsoft Windows

· Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

· Browsing Visual Basic Objects

· Understanding Visual Basic Objects

Designing Applications

· Understanding Application Design in Visual Basic

· Understanding Projects

· Working with Project Groups

· Creating a New Project

· Saving Files

· Opening a Saved Project

· Adding and Removing Project Files

· Setting Project Properties

· Running an Application

· Printing Project Files

Working with Forms and Controls

· Understanding Forms

· Working with Form Properties, Events, and Methods

· Adding a New Form to a Project

· Understanding Controls

· Working with Common Control Properties, Events, and Methods

· Using Naming Rules and Conventions for Controls

· Working with the Label Control

· Working with the Text Box Control

· Working with the Timer Control

· Working with the Command Button Control

Writing Visual Basic Code

· Setting Code Window Options

· Understanding Expressions and Statements

· Understanding the Implicit Keywords in Statements

· Loading and Unloading Objects

· Commenting in Code

· Using the With Statement

· Understanding Program Control Statements

· Working with Decision Structures

· Working with Looping Structures

Understanding Memory Variables

· Understanding Memory Concepts

· Allocating Memory for Data Values

· Understanding Scalar Data Types

· Declaring Variables

· Declaring Constants

· Working with Arrays

· Forcing Explicit Declarations

Working with More Controls

· Working with the Image Control

· Working with the List Box Control

· Working with the Frame Control

· Working with Option Button Controls

· Creating a Control Array

· Adding ActiveX Controls

Working with Procedures

· Understanding Procedures

· Using Intrinsic Functions

· Using Message Boxes

· Using Input Boxes

· Creating Functions

· Passing Arguments to a Function

· Creating a General Sub Procedure

· Adding a Standard Module to a Project

Debugging and Handling Errors

· Debugging Code

· Using the Immediate Window

· Using the Step and Break Tools

· Using the Watch Tools

· Understanding Error Handling

· Using the On Error Statement

· Understanding the Err Object

· Writing an Error Handling Routine

Working with MDI Forms and Menus

· Understanding a Multiple Document Interface (MDI)

· Creating an MDI Form

· Understanding Menu Systems

· Creating a Menu System

· Working with Menu Event Procedures

· Identifying Child Forms

· Adding a Toolbar with an ImageList

· Adding a Status Bar

Understanding Database Access

· Understanding Data Access

· Working with the Data Control

· Using Data-Aware Controls

· Using Data Control Recordset Methods

· Using the DBGrid Control

· Using the SQL Select Statement

Using Drag and Drop

· Understanding Drag and Drop

· Working with Mouse Events

· Coding the Source Control

· Coding the Target Control

· Changing the Drag Icon

Creating Setup and Distribution Files

· Understanding Distribution Issues

· Creating an Executable

· Running the Package and Deployment Wizard

· Installing the Application