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Programming with C++

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Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,495

Class Outline:

This course covers basic programming concepts and teaches students how to build a program using the C++ .NET programming language. Students will learn the differences between low-level and high-level languages. They will also learn how to use C++ to program variables, constants, control structures, value-returning and void functions, selection structures, loops, and arrays. Students will learn how to build, execute, and debug a C++ program, as well as how to implement sequential access files and access data from a database. This course also covers object-oriented programming concepts, such as classes and objects.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Computers and programming languages
Topic A: Components of a PC system
Topic B: History of programming languages

Unit 2: Control structures
Topic A: Introducing control structures
Topic B: Applying control structures

Unit 3: Problem solving
Topic A: Problem-solving techniques
Topic B: Building an algorithm

Unit 4: Programming basics
Topic A: Variables and constants
Topic B: Working with variables
Topic C: Input and output methods

Unit 5: Building an application
Topic A: Program construction
Topic B: Creating and managing a project

Unit 6: Value-returning functions
Topic A: Functions
Topic B: Implementing value-returning functions

Unit 7: Void functions
Topic A: Introducing void functions
Topic B: Implementing void functions

Unit 8: Selection structures
Topic A: Introducing selection structures
Topic B: Implementing selection structures

Unit 9: Nested selection structures
Topic A: Introducing nested selection structures
Topic B: Multiple-path selection structures
Topic C: Implementing nested selection structures

Unit 10: Pretest loops
Topic A: Introducing pretest loops
Topic B: Applying pretest loops

Unit 11: Posttest loops
Topic A: Introducing posttest loops
Topic B: Applying posttest loops

Unit 12: Object-oriented programming
Topic A: Introducing object-oriented programming
Topic B: Implementing object-oriented programming

Unit 13: Sequential access files
Topic A: Introducing sequential access files
Topic B: Writing and reading sequential access files
Topic C: Implementing a sequential access file

Unit 14: Arrays
Topic A: Introducing arrays
Topic B: Implementing arrays

Unit 15: Advanced arrays
Topic A: Understanding advanced arrays
Topic B: Implementing String arrays

Unit 16: Accessing data from a database
Topic A: Introducing data access
Topic B: Implementing database access