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PHP 4: Introduction

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $499

Class Outline:

PHP 4: Introduction explores all of the major elements of PHP programming. With PHP, you can build dynamic, data-driven Web sites that use a variety of databases. Easy-to-understand code samples are used to demonstrate the many elements and techniques used in PHP programming.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Introduction to PHP
Topic 1A: What is PHP?
Task 1A-1: Understanding PHP
Topic 1B: Basic Syntax of PHP
Task 1B-1: Writing Your First PHP Script
Task 1B-2: Incorporating HTML in PHP Scripts
Task 1B-3: Commenting Your PHP Code

Lesson 2: Common PHP Script Elements
Topic 2A: Using Variables
Task 2A-1: Experimenting with Variables
Topic 2B: Working With Arrays
Task 2B-1: Creating an Associative Array
Topic 2C: Using Functions
Task 2C-1: Exploring Functions

Lesson 3: File and Directory Handling
Topic 3A: Including Files
Task 3A-1: Writing the Include Files
Topic 3B: File Access
Task 3B-1: Creating a Hit Counter
Task 3B-2: Creating a Directory Navigation Script

Lesson 4: Working With Forms
Topic 4A: Processing Forms
Task 4A-1: Using Arrays to Process Form Information
Topic 4B: Form Validation
Task 4B-1: Validating Form Data
Task 4B-2: Using the HTMLSpecialChars Function
Topic 4C: E-Mailing Form Data
Task 4C-1: Adding E-Mail Functionality

Lesson 5: Addressing the Stateless Nature of HTTP
Topic 5A: Hidden Form Fields
Task 5A-1: Using Hidden Form Fields
Topic 5B: Cookies
Task 5B-1: Setting a Cookie
Topic 5C: Sessions
Task 5C-1: Setting Session Variables

Lesson 6: Accessing Databases With PHP
Topic 6A: Interacting With Databases
Task 6A-1: Connecting to the MySQL Server
Task 6A-2: Retrieving Data
Topic 6B: Modifying Database Records Using PHP
Task 6B-1: Adding a Record
Task 6B-2: Updating a Record in the Database