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Perl Programming

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,495

Class Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Practical Extracting and Reporting Language (Perl)
Getting Started with Perl
Scalar Variables
Numerical Variables
String Variables
Retrieving Data from STDIN
Lesson 1 Review

Lesson 2: Flow Control in Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Boolean Expressions in Perl
The if Statement
The while Statement
The do {} while statement
The for Statement
Loop-Control Commands
I/O Redirection
Lesson 2 Review

Lesson 3: Regular Expressions in Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Character Classes
Pattern Matching and Substitution
Lesson 3 Review

Lesson 4: Arrays in Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to Perl Arrays
Accessing Array Elements
The sort Function
The foreach Statement
The push and pop Functions
The shift and unshift Functions
The split and join Functions
Lesson 4 Review

Lesson 5: Hashes in Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to Perl Hashes
Adding and Deleting Hash Elements
The keys Function
The values Function
The each Function
The reverse Function
Lesson 5 Review

Lesson 6: Subroutines in Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to Perl Subroutines
Variable Scope
Lesson 6 Review

Lesson 7: File Input and Output
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to File Input and Output
What Is a Filehandle?
The open Function
Outputting Data to a File
Opening Files for Reading
Determining Information About Files
The stat and lstat Functions
Lesson 7 Review

Lesson 8: Environment Variables and Command Line Arguments
Pre-Assessment Questions
Environment Variables
Command Line Arguments
Lesson 8 Review

Lesson 9: Packages and Modules in Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Using Packages in Perl
BEGIN and END Blocks
Using Modules in Perl
The use and require Statements
Lesson 9 Review

Lesson 10: Object-Oriented Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to Object-Oriented Perl
Creating Objects in Perl
Lesson 10 Review

Lesson 11: Database Connectivity and Perl
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to Database Connectivity
Database Programming with Perl
Interacting with Databases
Connecting to Databases
Structured Query Language
Quoting Operators
Lesson 11 Review

Lesson 12: Debugging Perl Programs
Pre-Assessment Questions
Introduction to Debugging Perl Scripts
Using the print Command
Using the –w Switch
Using the strict Module
The Perl Debugger
Writing Bug-Free Perl Code
Lesson 12 Review