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Master VBScripting

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Class Length: 2 day
Cost: $998

Class Outline:

Quessing's HTML 4.0 Level 1 and 2 courses or equivalent knowledge.

Course Content:
VBScript & The Web

VBScript Popularity
VBScript Defined
Platform or Host Dependence
Scripting Languages

VBScript Basics

Embedding VBScript in HTML
SCRIPT Types & Placement
VBScript to Display Information
Hiding VBScript from Older Browsers
Code Documentation & Formatting

Variables, Variants, and Subtypes

Variables Defined
Declaring Variables
Naming Variables
Data Types & Subtypes
Assigning Values to Variables
Determining Variant Subtype
Data Subtype Conversion


Scope of Variables

VBScript Operators

VBScript Operators Overview
Arithmetic Operator Precedence
Comparison Operators
Logic Operators
Operator Precedence
String Concatenation

VBScript Procedures

Subroutine Procedures
Scope of Variables

Function Procedures Program Control & Structure

Control Statements
The Four Control Structures
Using Loops

Strings & Numbers

Randomize and Rnd
Formatting Numbers

Input Box & Message Box

Message Box
Combining Different Constants
Input Boxes
Return Values

Dates & Times

Dates & Times Overview
Splitting up the Time
Splitting up the Date
Formatting Numbers
Page Updaters