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JavaScript Programming

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,497

Class Outline:

This JavaScript programming course is designed for the beginning programmer to develop Web applications using the JavaScript programming language. Students will learn how to write JavaScript programs that use the latest language techniques. Students will also learn how to write programs that are compatible with previous versions of the language and are cross-browser compatible.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with JavaScript
JavaScript Overview
JavaScript Programming Overview

Lesson 2: JavaScript Building Blocks Variables and Operators
Variables and Data Types Overview
Using Variables and Data

Lesson 3: JavaScript Building Blocks Control Statements
Controlling the flow � JavaScript Control Statements

Lesson 4: JavaScript Building Blocks Functions and Objects

Lesson 5: The Window Object
The Window Object
Dialog Boxes
Status Bar Messages
Window Manipulations

Lesson 6: The Document Object
The Document Object
Writing to Documents
Dynamic Documents

Lesson 7: Working with Frames
HTML Frames Review
Scripting for Frames

Lesson 8: Working with Forms and Forms-based Data
The Form Object
Working with Form Elements and Their Properties

Lesson 9: Validating Form Data
A General Approach
Testing for Required Fields
Validating Numeric Data
Validating String Data

Lesson 10: Dates and Math
Overview of the Date Object
Using and manipulating Dates
Overview of the Math Object
Doing Math with JavaScript

Lesson 11: Introduction to Cross-browser Compatibility
Examining the Compatibility Landscape
Detecting Browser and Platforms