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Java Programming

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Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,495

Class Outline:

ThisJava Programming course is designed to give proficiency in developing applications and applets as well as build visually interesting GUI and web-based applications.

Table of Contents:

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Programming basics
Topic B: The Java platform
Topic C: Installing Java
Topic D: Language syntax and conventions

Unit 2: Using data in a program
Topic A: Constants and variables
Topic B: Data types and character sets

Unit 3: Methods, classes, and objects
Topic A: Methods
Topic B: Classes

Unit 4: Advanced object concepts
Topic A: Blocks and scope
Topic B: Method overloading
Topic C: Constants
Topic D: Prewritten imported methods

Unit 5: Input and selection
Topic A: Keyboard input
Topic B: Control flow statements
Topic C: Operators

Unit 6: Loops
Topic A: Loop structures
Topic B: For and nested loops

Unit 7: Characters and strings
Topic A: Strings
Topic B: The StringBuffer class

Unit 8: Arrays
Topic A: Introduction to arrays
Topic B: Arrays of objects
Topic C: Searching an array

Unit 9: Array manipulations
Topic A: Manipulating an array
Topic B: Sorting arrays
Topic C: Two-dimensional arrays

Unit 10: Applets
Topic A: Applets and HTML documents
Topic B: Applets with Swing components

Unit 11: Event-driven programming
Topic A: Event-driven programming in applets
Topic B: Life cycle of a Swing applet
Topic C: Enhancing a Swing applet

Unit 12: Graphics
Topic A: Basic graphic methods
Topic B: More about graphics
Topic C: Drawing objects
Topic D: Adding sound, images, and animations

Unit 13: Introduction to inheritance
Topic A: Inheritance
Topic B: Superclasses
Topic C: Information hiding and protection

Unit 14: Advanced inheritance concepts
Topic A: Abstract classes
Topic B: Array of objects and comparing objects
Topic C: Interfaces and packages

Unit 15: Swing components
Topic A: Frames
Topic B: Swing event listeners

Unit 16: Layout managers and eventsTopic A: Layout managers and JPanel
Topic B: Events and event handling

Unit 17: Exception handling
Topic A: Exceptions
Topic B: Error handling methods
Topic C: Call stack and user-defined exceptions

Unit 18: File input and output
Topic A: Files and streams
Topic B: Input and output

Unit 19: Multithreading and animations
Topic A: Multithreading
Topic B: Animations