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Illustrator CS5/CS6: Level 1

Available Dates: Jan 2, Feb 14, Mar 8, Apr 8, May 14, Jun 5
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Illustrator CS6: Basic, ACE Edition, is part of a two-course ILT series that will help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Illustrator CS6. This course covers the fundamentals of using Illustrator CS6 to create and manipulate vector graphics used for print, web and devices. Students will learn how to navigate the environment, create and transform basic shapes, edit paths, apply color and gradients, work with text, and use layers.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Exploring the workspace
Topic B: Viewing artwork
Topic C: Rulers, grids, guides, and crop marks

Unit 2: Drawing basics
Topic A: Creating a document
Topic B: Drawing shapes
Topic C: Drawing lines

Unit 3: Transforming and combining objects
Topic A: Selecting objects
Topic B: Transforming objects
Topic C: Combining objects
Topic D: Creating layers

Unit 4: Working with Color
Topic A: Selecting color
Topic B: Using Swatches
Topic C: Managing swatches

Unit 5: Working with Paths
Topic A: Understanding points and paths
Topic B: Drawing with the Pen tool
Topic C: Drawing with the Pencil tool
Topic D: Editing paths

Unit 6: Creating and formatting text
Topic A: Selecting Text
Topic B: Character formatting
Topic C: Paragraph formatting
Topic D: Character and paragraph styles

Unit 7: Painting with fills and strokes
Topic A: Painting methods
Topic B: Creating and using gradients
Topic C: Working with Live Paint groups