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Expression Web: Level 2

Available Dates: July 31, Aug 15, Sept 27, Oct 26, Nov 19, Dec 18
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Expression Web: Level 1 or equivalent experience

Unit 1: Standards-compliant Web sites
Topic A: Standards compliance
A-1: Discussing XHTML
A-2: Discussing structured, logical markup
A-3: Choosing the right doctype
Topic B: Code snippets and IntelliSense
B-1: Inserting a code snippet
B-2: Creating and inserting a new code snippet
B-3: Using IntelliSense

Unit 2: Interactive content
Topic A: Interactive buttons
A-1: Creating interactive buttons
Topic B: Behaviors
B-1: Applying a behavior
Topic C: Custom rollovers
C-1: Creating a basic rollover
C-2: Adding another state to a rollover
C-3: Creating a disjoint rollover

Unit 3: Layers
Topic A: Creating layers
A-1: Creating a layer
A-2: Positioning a layer precisely
Topic B: Layer visibility
B-1: Setting layer visibility
B-2: Creating dynamic layers

Unit 4: Layout tables
Topic A: Creating layout tables
A-1: Creating a layout table
A-2: Drawing layout cells
Topic B: Working with layout tables
B-1: Creating a fluid layout table
B-2: Formatting layout tables and cells

Unit 5: Web Forms
Topic A: Creating forms
A-1: Creating a form and inserting text input fields
A-2: Modifying Text Box properties
A-3: Inserting check boxes
A-4: Creating a drop-down box
A-5: Inserting option buttons
A-6: Creating a text area
A-7: Adding a submit button and previewing a form
Topic B: ASP.NET controls
B-1: Creating a basic ASP.NET form
B-2: Applying input validation controls

Unit 6: Data-driven pages
Topic A: Dynamic pages
A-1: Discussing the basics of data-driven Web sites
Topic B: Master pages
B-1: Creating a master page and attaching a content page
B-2: Attaching an existing ASP.NET page to a master
Topic C: Data Views
C-1: Creating a Data View in an HTML file

Unit 7: Site management
Topic A: Basic search engine optimization
A-1: Discussing search engine optimization
A-2: Defining a description and keywords for your site
Topic B: Error control
B-1: Checking a page for errors
B-2: Checking a site for CSS errors
B-3: Redirecting a browser to an alternate page
Topic C: Reports
C-1: Optimizing a site using Reports
Topic D: Accessibility
D-1: Checking accessibility