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Expression Web: Level 1

Available Dates: July 17, Aug 1, Sept 13, Oct 12, Nov 5, Dec 4
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Windows XP: Level 1 or equivalent experience

Course Content:

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Internet basics
A-1: Discussing the Web and HTML
Topic B: The Expression Web workspace
B-1: Identifying interface components
B-2: Exploring task panes
B-3: Switching site views
Topic C: Page editing
C-1: Discussing Web page elements
C-2: Inserting and editing basic content
C-3: Previewing a page
Topic D: HTML
D-1: Viewing HTML
D-2: Selecting page elements

Unit 2: Web sites
Topic A: Site planning basics
A-1: Discussing design considerations
Topic B: Creating a Web site
B-1: Creating a one-page Web site
B-2: Creating new pages and folders
Topic C: Templates
C-1: Creating a new template
C-2: Defining editable regions
C-3: Setting basic page properties
C-4: Applying a template

Unit 3: Text formatting
Topic A: Text basics
A-1: Importing text
A-2: Changing line breaks to paragraph breaks
A-3: Inserting spaces
A-4: Inserting a symbol
Topic B: Structural formatting
B-1: Applying headings
B-2: Creating lists
Topic C: Cascading Style Sheets
C-1: Discussing style sheets
C-2: Creating and attaching an external style sheet
C-3: Defining element styles
C-4: Creating and applying class styles

Unit 4: Web page layout
Topic A: Basic CSS layout
A-1: Defining content sections
A-2: Creating ID styles
A-3: Applying ID styles
Topic B: Basic layout techniques
B-1: Creating fixed and fluid layouts
B-2: Applying margins, padding, and borders
B-3: Creating a two-column layout
B-4: Clearing a container

Unit 5: Images
Topic A: Image formats and properties
A-1: Exploring image properties
A-2: Specifying alternate text
A-3: Applying image-based text
Topic B: Working with images
B-1: Arranging images
B-2: Adding margins to images
B-3: Adding image borders and padding

Unit 6: Hyperlinks
Topic A: Basic hyperlinks
A-1: Creating a local link
A-2: Creating a navigation bar
A-3: Creating external links
A-4: Creating and linking to bookmarks
Topic B: Link styles
B-1: Formatting links
Topic C: Image maps
C-1: Creating an image map

Unit 7: Tables
Topic A: Working with tables
A-1: Inserting a table
A-2: Modifying cell properties
A-3: Modifying table properties
A-4: Formatting rows and columns
A-5: Adding a caption to a table
Topic B: Table-based layouts
B-1: Updating a table-based layout
Unit 8: Publishing
Topic A: Proofing tools
A-1: Checking spelling
A-2: Checking hyperlinks
Topic B: Web site publishing
B-1: Discussing Web servers
B-2: Publishing a Web site