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Dreamweaver CS5/CS6: Level 2

Available Dates: Jan 28, Feb 19, Mar 23, Apr 18, May 24, Jun 24
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Dreamweaver CS6: Advanced, is part of a two-course series. In this course, students will learn how to design pages with CSS; create and apply templates and server-side includes; and build accessible forms that validate user information. Students will also learn how to position elements and apply behaviors, integrate XML-based data, create jQuery mobile pages, and collaborate with other site developers.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Working With Templates
Topic A: Previewing completed files
Topic B: Creating a template from an existing layout
Topic C: Inserting editable regions
Topic D: Producing child pages
Topic E: Updating a template
Topic F: Using library items
Topic G: Using server-side includes

Unit 2: Working With text, Lists, and tables
Topic A: Previewing the completed file
Topic B: Creating and styling text
Topic C: Creating and styling tables
Topic D: Spell checking webpages
Topic E: Finding and replacing text

Unit 3: Working With Images
Topic A: Reviewing web image basics
Topic B: Previewing the completed file
Topic C: Inserting an image
Topic D: Adjusting image positions with CSS classes
Topic E: Working with the Insert panel
Topic F: Using Adobe Bridge to insert images
Topic G: Inserting non-web file types
Topic H: Working with Photoshop Smart Objects
Topic I: Copying and pasting images from Photoshop and Fireworks
Topic J: Inserting images by drag and drop
Topic K: Optimizing images with the Property inspector

Unit 4: Working With Navigation
Topic A: Hyperlink basics
Topic B: Previewing the completed file
Topic C: Creating internal hyperlinks
Topic D: Creating an image-based link
Topic E: Creating an external link
Topic F: Setting up email links
Topic G: Targeting page elements
Topic H: Inserting Spry menu bars
Topic I: Checking your page

Unit 5: Adding Interactivity
Topic A: Learning about Dreamweaver behaviors
Topic B: Previewing the completed file
Topic C: Working with Dreamweaver behaviors
Topic D: Working with Spry Accordion widgets