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Google Apps

Available Dates: Call for Dates
Class Length: Half day
Cost: $159

Class Outline:

Discover the power of cloud computing by exploring the functions of Google Apps. Participants will learn to create and share documents, spreadsheets, forms and calendars using a computer, mobile device or tablet. Work with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Google Apps
Topic A: Introduction to Google Apps
Topic B: Why Use Google Apps?
Topic C: Logging in to the Google Apps Domain

Lesson 2: Google Documents and Presentations
Topic A: Introduction to Google Docs
Topic B: Creating Word Documents
Topic C: Creating Presentations
Topic D: Sharing with Other Users

Lesson 3: Google Spreadsheets and Forms
Topic A: Creating Spreadsheets
Topic B: Setting Permissions and Notifications
Topic C: Creating Forms

Lesson 4: Google Calendar
Topic A: Exploring Google Calendar
Topic B: Scheduling an Event
Topic C: Sharing a Calendar
Topic D: Searching Calendars
Topic E: Creating Task Lists

Optional Topic: Using Gmail