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Fundamentals of Selling

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

This course teaches students the fundamentals of sales team management. Students will learn how to be successful sales managers, select sales professionals, build unity and trust in a sales team, interview successfully, train sales professionals, set performance standards, and conduct performance evaluations. Course activities also cover choosing a territory strategy, conducting territory reviews, developing and using sales forecasts, conducting sales meetings, and setting goals in meetings. Students will also learn how to motivate sales team members, implement compensation practices to keep top performers, identify and improve substandard performance.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Effective sales teams
Topic A: Managing sales
Topic B: Selecting sales professionals
Topic C: Building relationships
Topic D: Building trust in sales teams

Unit 2: Effective sales performance
Topic A: Training sales professionals
Topic B: Sales performance
Topic C: Sales meetings

Unit 3: Managing sales territories
Topic A: A territory strategy
Topic B: Conducting territory reviews

Unit 4: Forecasting sales revenue
Topic A: Understanding sales forecasts
Topic B: Developing forecasts

Unit 5: Motivating sales teams
Topic A: Motivating sales professionals
Topic B: Measuring motivation levels
Topic C: Improving sales performance