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Employee Performance

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

This course teaches students to develop the skills needed to address a difficult person according to their specific behavior. Students will have the opportunity to meet with several Marketing Department team members to address their difficult personalities, follow the guidelines for managing difficult people to decrease the department's turnover rate and meet the release date for a new product. Students will also learn how to give constructive feedback-both praise and criticism-to subordinates or peers, and use strategies for effective conflict resolution. Course activities also cover addressing conflict between managers, between employees, and among team members.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Managing difficult employees
Topic A: Understanding difficult employees
Topic B: Assessing and identifying difficult personality types
Topic C: Dealing with difficult employees
Topic D: Monitoring behavior

Unit 2: Communication
Topic A: Effective communication
Topic B: Communicating with difficult employees

Unit 3: Feedback
Topic A: Giving and receiving feedback
Topic B: Positive and constructive feedback
Topic C: Monitoring performance
Topic D: Communication styles
Topic E: Difficult feedback sessions

Unit 4: Conflicts
Topic A: Conflicts in the workplace
Topic B: Conflicts and the organization

Unit 5: Resolving conflicts
Topic A: Styles of conflict resolution
Topic B: The process of conflict resolution
Topic C: Resolving team conflicts
Topic D: Communication and conflict resolution