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E-mail Etiquette

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

This course teaches students how to use e-mail effectively. Students will learn how to write effective messages and e-policies, use e-mail accessories and passwords, and prevent your password from being stolen. Course activities also cover using the subject line, considering your recipient, managing e-mail volume, following netiquette guidelines, attaching files, preparing for recipient reactions, and using emoticons effectively. Students also learn about the differences between writing online and traditional paper-based writing, achieving e-mail message objectives, using correct punctuation, constructing effective sentences and paragraphs, editing your e-mail messages, and using active voice in writing.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: E-mail basics
Topic A: E-mail characteristics
Topic B: E-mail programs
Topic C: When to use e-mail
Topic D: Writing an e-mail message

Unit 2: E-mail policies
Topic A: Company policies
Topic B: Copyright laws, viruses, and liability

Unit 3: E-mail features and security
Topic A: Features of an e-mail program
Topic B: Securing e-mail

Unit 4: E-mail messages
Topic A: Message headers
Topic B: E-mail message body

Unit 5: E-mail effectiveness
Topic A: E-mail recipients
Topic B: Message management

Unit 6: Netiquette guidelines
Topic A: Netiquette style
Topic B: Emoticons and abbreviations

Unit 7: Composing online correspondence
Topic A: Online communication
Topic B: Language and punctuation
Topic C: Efficient writing habits