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Appraising Performance

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

Performance-Based Objectives:
-Establish performance expectations so that desired work results are achieved in accordance with the organization's values and quality standards.
-Write a performance appraisal so that it reflects an objective evaluation of the individual's work performance.
-Prepare for a performance appraisal discussion so that there are no barriers for an effective discussion.
-Conduct a performance appraisal so that mutual understanding and cooperation is achieved and a realistic development plan to improve future performance is prepared.
-Follow up on a performance appraisal so that future performance meets expectations.

Course Content:
Lesson 1: Establishing Performance Expectations
Topic 1A: Appraise Performance
Topic 1B: Manage Performance
Topic 1C: Establish Performance Expectations

Lesson 2: Writing a Performance Appraisal
Topic 2A: Avoid Common Performance Rating Errors
Topic 2B: Gather Appraisal Information
Topic 2C: Rate Performance
Topic 2D: Ensure Legal Compliance

Lesson 3: Preparing for the Appraisal Discussion
Topic 3A: Prepare the Individual
Topic 3B: Arrange the Logistics
Topic 3C: Prepare Yourself

Lesson 4: Conducting the Performance Appraisal Discussion
Topic 4A: Discuss Your Ratings and Comments
Topic 4B: Resolve Performance Problems
Topic 4C: Cope with Discussion Difficulties
Topic 4D: Plan for the Future

Lesson 5: Following Up
Topic 5A: Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Appraisal Discussion
Topic 5B: Communicate Frequently
Topic 5C: Provide Ongoing Feedback and Coaching

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