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Project Risk Assessment and Management

Available Dates: Aug 6-7, Oct 29-30, Dec 10-11
Class Length: 2 day
Cost: $1,195

Class Outline:

Course Content:

Chapter 1: Project Risk Assessment
Risk in Project Business
Risk Assessment Technique
The Analyst
Payoff from Risk Analysis

Chapter 2: Modelling and Stimulation
Getting the Total Picture
Monte Carlo Simulation
@RISK Simulation Tool
Summary of Modeling and Simulation

Chapter 3: Cost Risk
Uncertainty in Cost Estimates
Data Requirements for Cost Risk Modelling
Layout of Model in Spreadsheets
Human Factors
Cost Risk Prompt List

Chapter 4: Schedule Risk
Uncertainty in Project Schedules
Schedule Risk Models
Interpreting Schedule Risk Model Output
Human Factors
External Dependancies
Selling Confidence

Chapter 5: Business Forcast Risk
Business Forcast Uncertainty
Conventional Approaches to Forcasting
Describing Project Business Forcasting

Chapter 6: Alternative Techniques and Tools