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Project Planning, Scheduling and Control

Available Dates: Aug 1-3, Oct 29-31, Dec 12-14
Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,690

Class Outline:

Course Content:

Section 1- Introduction to Project Management
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Project Management
Chapter 2: Getting Your Organization to Accept Project Management
Chapter 3: The Role of the Project Manager
Chapter 4: Whole-Brain Project Management

Section 2- Project Definition
Chapter 5: The Headless Chicken Project (And How to Avoid It)

Section 3- Project Planning
Chapter 6: Project Strategy: You Can't Develop a Good Implementation Plan Unless You First Have a Proper Game Plan
Chapter 7: Developing an Implementation Plan
Chapter 8: Managing Project Risk
Chapter 9: Practical Project Scheduling

Section 4- Managing the Project- Control
Chapter 10: Keeping the Project on Track- Control

Section 5- Other Problems in Project Management
Chapter 11: Managing Multiple Projects
Chapter 12: Developing a Project Methodology

Section 6- Managing People and Teams
Chapter 13: Excersizing Leadership as a Project Manager
Chapter 14: How to Motivate Almost Anyone
Chapter 15: Developing the Project Team and Working with People
Chapter 16: Managing Meetings

Section 7- Managing Yourself
Chapter 17: Managing Yourself
Chapter 18: Building Personal Effectiveness