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Project Management Skills for the Information Technology Professional

Available Dates: Feb 18-21, Apr 15-18, Jun 17-20
Class Length: 4 day
Cost: $1,996

Class Outline:

The course combines the best of both worlds: an academic text that treats project management from a research point of view, providing running cases and other strong pedagogical elements; and a practical text that provides hands-on projects at the end of each chapter using Microsoft Project, the tool of choice in this market. It also provides excellent preparation for the PMI (Project Management Institute) certification exam.

Table of Contents
I. The Project Management Framework
1. Introduction to Project Management
2. The Project Management Context and Processes

II. The Project Management Knowledge Areas
3. Project Integration Management
4. Project Scope Management
5. Project Time Management
6. Project Cost Management
7. Project Quality Management
8. Project Human Resource Management
9. Project Communications Management
10. Project Risk Management
11. Project Procurement Management

III. Applying the Project Management Processes to IT Projects
12. Initiating
13. Planning
14. Executing
15. Controlling
16. Closing

IV. Appendices
Appendix A: Guide to Using Microsoft Project 98
Appendix B: Advice for the PMP Exam