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Project Management Essentials

Available Dates: Jan 3, Mar 8, May 6
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $650

Class Outline:

This course teaches the fundamentals of project management. Students learn how to identify project participants, goals, objectives, activities, and constraints. Course activities also cover activity dependencies, activity analysis, project schedules and budgets, network diagrams, Gantt charts, CPM scheduling, and activity duration compression. Students will also learn how to optimize project activities, estimate costs, control project changes, measure project performance, use project performance reports, accommodate change, control the project schedule and budget, and close a project.

Table of Contents:

Unit 1: Define the project
Topic A: Project participants
Topic B: Project objectives and planning

Unit 2: Activities and dependencies
Topic A: Project activities
Topic B: Sequence activities
Topic C: Analyze activities
Topic D: Estimate activities
Topic E: Sequence dependencies

Unit 3: Project scheduling
Topic A: Develop the project schedule
Topic B: Techniques for schedule development
Topic C: The CPM and PERT

Unit 4: Project change control
Topic A: Define project change control

Unit 5: Financial issues
Topic A: Estimate costs

Unit 6: Project performance
Topic A: Measure project performance
Topic B: Report project performance