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Project Management Basics

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Class Length: 1 day
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Class Outline:

This course will help prepare project managers for the PMP Certification exam. It reviews the requirements and procedures for taking the exam and discusses the exam structure. Topic coverage includes general project management concepts such as: project characteristics; differences between programs, subprojects, and portfolios; various organizational structures and the project manager's role in each; and key project management skills. Also included is a review of project management knowledge areas and process groups.

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: About PMP certification
Topic B: PMP exam content

Unit 2: Project management context
Topic A: Projects
Topic B: Project management concepts

Unit 3: Project management framework
Topic A: Project stakeholders
Topic B: Organizational and socio-economic influences
Topic C: Key project management skills

Unit 4: Project management processes
Topic A: Project phases and life cycles
Topic B: Processes and process groups
Topic C: Project management knowledge areas