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Project Communications: Infrastructure and Protocol

Available Dates: Feb 14-15, Apr 22-23, Jun 10-11
Class Length: 2 day
Cost: $1,295

Class Outline:

Course Description:
This course offers insight to the organization of the future. Maintaining cross-functionality and customer focus can be difficult in a matrixed environment riddled with personal agendas, turf wars and difficult people. This course will help you to gain deeper understanding of the motivators that lead to these scenarios and give you tools to navigate the political land mines. It will also help you assess and maximize your communication style to win the confidence of your peers and ultimately, for optimal project results.The format of the course is highly interactive and how-to oriented. Discussion of concepts and principles is followed by exercises.

Course Objectives:
Understand why communication is a critical skill for an effective leader
Understand the difference between leadership and management
Evaluate leadership styles
Explain the gap between manager-employee reality
Understand communicating persuasively
Understand the communication process
Identify poor communication habits
Assess your communication style
Understand basic levels in the listening process
Overcome listening blocks
Identify the skills necessary to listen well
Improve your listening skills
Understand the importance of feedback on personal development
Give effective feedback
Receive feedback constructively
Understand communication channels
Appreciate decision making styles
Identify problem solving strategies
Handle project meetings more effectively
Communicate better with clients on the project
Understand the components and structure of a communications plan
Understand the communication aspects of project reporting
Identify different types of project status reports
Assess problem escalation strategies