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Project +

Available Dates: July 9-13, Sept 24-28, Nov 26-30
Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,595

Class Outline:

This ILT Series course, rated 4.9/5.0 in overall quality by ProCert Labs, will prepare students for the current CompTIA Project+ certification exam. It covers the full range of skills and concepts students need to know to plan and implement projects. The project initiation and planning process is covered in-depth, culminating in the creation of a project schedule. Learning how to manage business concerns such as cost and risk is balanced by thorough coverage of best practices in managing people and resources. Students will also learn how to manage change and the steps necessary in closing a project. Comes with MeasureUp exam prep software. Also available with a companion CBT program.

Prerequisites: None

Unit 1 : Project management overview

Topic A: 0 Introduction to project management

A-1: Discussing project concepts

Topic B: 0 IT project management

B-1: Discussing project management tools

Topic C: 0 Project management skills

C-1: Discussing project management

C-2: Identifying a project’s failure and success

Unit 2 : Project initiation

Topic A: 0 Project stakeholders

A-1: Identifying key stakeholders

A-2: Defining stakeholder requirements

Topic B: 0 Business requirements

B-1: Determining business needs

B-2: Refining business needs

B-3: Discussing informal drivers

B-4: Defining the concept

Topic C: 0 System requirements analysis

C-1: Identifying business and functional requirements

C-2: Discussing system requirements analysis

Topic D: 0 Key roles and responsibilities

D-1: Identifying typical roles

Topic E: 0 The project charter

E-1: Discussing project charters

Topic F: 0 Defining scope

F-1: Discussing scope documents

F-2: Discussing worst case scenarios and best practices

F-3: Performing preliminary risk assessment

Topic G: 0 Stakeholder consensus and approval

G-1: Building consensus and gaining customer confirmation

G-2: Discussing strategies for building consensus

G-3: Conducting a review meeting

Unit 3 : Project planning, estimating and scheduling

Topic A: 0 Planning phase

A-1: Discussing the planning phase

Topic B: 0 Creating a work breakdown structure

B-1: Discussing uses of a WBS

B-2: Developing a WBS

B-3: Creating a WBS

Topic C: 0 Developing effort, time, and cost estimates

C-1: Estimating effort

C-2: Discussing time estimates

C-3: Discussing cost categories and cost estimate types

C-4: Listing assumptions for creating estimates

C-5: Discussing effort, time, and cost estimates

Topic D: 0 The project team

D-1: Creating a project team

D-2: Securing staffing commitments and resolving issues

Topic E: 0 The project schedule

E-1: Creating a project schedule

E-2: Analyzing critical path

Unit 4 : Creating project plans

Topic A: 0 The communication plan

A-1: Developing a communication plan

A-2: Communicating and communication reporting

A-3: Communicating in various situations

Topic B: 0 The resource management plan

B-1: Creating a resource management plan

Topic C: 0 The procurement and vendor management plan

C-1: Discussing procurement planning

C-2: Discussing solicitation planning

C-3: Determining contract tasks and deliverables

C-4: Discussing vendor selection, management and contracts

Topic D: 0 The risk management plan

D-1: Discussing project risks

D-2: Identifying risk severity criteria

D-3: Identify strategies to mitigate or remove risk

Topic E: 0 The quality management plan

E-1: Developing quality measures

E-2: Monitoring quality measures and analyzing project constraints

E-3: Resolving disagreements

Topic F: 0 The comprehensive project plan

F-1: Discussing the comprehensive project plan

F-2: Conducting a project plan review meeting

Unit 5 : Managing people

Topic A: 0 Managing the project team

A-1: Providing feedback

A-2: Discussing reasons for poor performance

A-3: Discussing team performance

A-4: Managing a team

Topic B: 0 Client relationships

B-1: Managing client relations

Unit 6 : Managing cost and evaluating project performance

Topic A: 0 Creating a budget

A-1: Developing budgets

Topic B: 0 Tracking

B-1: Tracking projects

B-2: Discussing budget overruns

B-3: Mitigation of issues

Topic C: 0 Performance reporting

C-1: Evaluating performance

C-2: Using tools to measure performance

C-3: Calculating earned value variables and EAC

Unit 7 : Managing change and quality

Topic A: 0 Managing change

A-1: Preventing scope creep

A-2: Controlling resolution

A-3: Communicating during change

A-4: Justifying changes

A-5: Obtaining buy-in on a project change

Topic B: 0 Resource and quality management

B-1: Addressing schedule slippage

B-2: Negotiation, disagreement resolution and issue escalation

B-3: Applicability of testing methods

B-4: Discussing acceptance testing

B-5: Discussing quality management

Unit 8 : Project closure

Topic A: 0 Closing a project

A-1: Discussing the closure phase

A-2: Conducting a project review meeting

A-3: Discussing the project report and lessons learned

Appendix A : Certification exam objectives map

Topic A: 0 Comprehensive exam objectives