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Introduction to Project Portfolio Managment

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Class Length: 2 day
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Class Outline:

You will apply generally recognized practices of portfolio management acknowledged by the PMIĀ® and identify the portfolio management processes and knowledge areas to manage portfolios effectively.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Portfolio Management
Topic 1A: Portfolio Management Overview
Topic 1B: Identify the Need for Portfolio Management
Topic 1C: Describe Portfolio Management's Relationship Within the Organization

Lesson 2: Understanding the Portfolio Management Processes
Topic 2A: Describe Organizational Influences
Topic 2B: Processes in the Portfolio Management Life Cycle

Lesson 3: Selecting and Prioritizing Portfolio Components
Topic 3A: Identify Portfolio Components
Topic 3B: Categorize Portfolio Components
Topic 3C: Evaluate Portfolio Components
Topic 3D: Select Portfolio Components
Topic 3E: Prioritize Portfolio Components

Lesson 4: Performing Risk Analysis and Developing Risk Responses
Topic 4A: Identify the Portfolio Risk Management Processes
Topic 4B: Identify Portfolio Risks
Topic 4C: Analyze Portfolio Risks
Topic 4D: Develop Portfolio Risk Responses

Lesson 5: Balancing and Authorizing Portfolio Components
Topic 5A: Balance a Portfolio
Topic 5B: Communicate Portfolio Adjustments
Topic 5C: Authorize Portfolio Components

Lesson 6: Monitoring and Controlling PortfoliosTopic 6A: Monitor and Control Portfolio Risks
Topic 6B: Review and Report Portfolio Performance
Topic 6C: Monitor Business Strategy Changes

Lesson 7: Examining Portfolio Management Implementation
Topic 7A: Define the PMO's Relationship with Portfolio Management
Topic 7B: Describe PMO Establishment and Operational Methods
Topic 7C: Describe the Portfolio Management Implementation Process