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Getting Efficient with Project Management Basics

Available Dates: Call for Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

This course provides participants with an understanding of Project Management concepts and familiarization with key Project Management tools and procedures. Participants will gain knowledge to contribute to more successful projects.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Project Management
Topic A: Describe a project
Topic B: Examine a project management life cycle
Topic C: Identify key stakeholders
Topic D: Explore project manager roles and responsibilities
Topic E: Being a project leader

Lesson 2: Initiating a Project
Topic A: Determine the goals of a project
Topic B: Work with the project charter and scope components
Topic C: Identify the risks to a project

Lesson 3: Planning for the Schedule and Budget
Topic A: Create a work breakdown structure
Topic B: Select team members
Topic C: Develop components of the project schedule
Topic D: Define the critical path and its importance

Lesson 4: Finalizing the Project Plan
Topic A: Prioritize and plan for the risks to a project
Topic B: Create a communication plan
Topic C: Plan for change
Topic D: Determine project budget
Topic E: Balance the budget and schedule

Lesson 5: Managing the Project
Topic A: Manage project keys
Topic B: Skills primer
Topic C: Work with teams
Topic D: Perform meeting management and resolve conflict
Topic E: Track project progress
Topic F: Implement change control
Topic G: Examine project health

Lesson 6: Closing the Project
Topic A: Identify close out components
Topic B: Perform lessons learned
Topic C: Create a final report
Topic D: Archive project information