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Building Project Teams

Available Dates: Aug 16, Oct 16, Dec 24
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $650

Class Outline:

This course teaches students about different types of projects and project teams. Students will learn how to resolve conflicts, reach consensus among team members, identify personal responsibilities and communication skills needed from team members, and improve team communication. Course activities also cover expressing yourself assertively, identifying team roles, and explaining how to avoid common pitfalls in project team meetings. Students will also learn how to establish and improve project teams, set team goals, motivate teams, and manage a team during times of change.

Table of Contents:

Unit 1: Fundamentals of project teams
Topic A: Project and project teams
Topic B: Project team organization

Unit 2: Participating in a project team
Topic A: Project Team Characteristics
Topic B: Conflict and consensus in project teams

Unit 3: Communicating in a project team
Topic A: Personal responsibilities in a team
Topic B: Communication with the team

Unit 4: Individuals and project teams
Topic A: Individual communication
Topic B: Expressing yourself in a project team

Unit 5: Applying team building techniques
Topic A: Team roles and communication
Topic B: Decision making in a project team meeting
Topic C: Project team meetings and pitfalls

Unit 6: Building a project team
Topic A: Select a project team
Topic B: Project team goals

Unit 7: Project team at work
Topic A: Preparing teams for project work
Topic B: Providing Support for Project Teams