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Paint Shop Pro 7: Introduction

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Class Length: 1 day
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Class Outline:

Paint Shop Pro 7: Introduction is a hands-on instruction book that teaches students to use Jasc Paint Shop Pro for creating and editing images.

Lesson 1: Paint Shop Pro's Environment
•What is Paint Shop Pro?
•Navigating in Paint Shop Pro
•Raster and Vector Graphics

Lesson 2: Image Selection and Manipulation
•Image Size and Resolution
•Selecting and Editing Images
•Cropping Images
•Cloning Images

Lesson 3: Drawing and Painting Techniques
•Creating with Shapes, Lines, and Text
•Using the Flood Fill and Airbrush Tools
•Creating Picture Tubes

Lesson 4: Working with Color
•Analyzing Color
•Adjusting Colors and Depth
•Working with Channels

Lesson 5: Image Layers and Masks
•Working with Masks and Selections

Lesson 6: Enhancing Images
•Working with Filters
•Applying Deformations
•Text on a Path and 3D Images

Lesson 7: Preparing Graphic Images for the Web
•Considerations for Creating Web Graphics
•Optimizing and Exporting Images