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PageMaker 7: Advanced

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

This ILT Series manual for PageMaker 7.0 Advanced is designed to give proficiency in the advanced features for applying colors, publishing publications, and printing publications. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Proofing publications
Topic A: Working with the story editor
Topic B: Using typography techniques

Unit 2: Working with colors
Topic A: Using colors
Topic B: Using color libraries
Topic C: Adding colors to objects

Unit 3: Managing colors
Topic A: Using the Color Management System
Topic B: Using trapping techniques

Unit 4: Working with scripts and plug-ins
Topic A: Working with scripts
Topic B: Working with plug-ins

Unit 5: Importing and publishing documents
Topic A: Importing HTML files
Topic B: Creating PDF documents
Topic C: Creating documents for the Web

Unit 6: Advanced printing
Topic A: Performing prepress processes
Topic B: Using printer styles