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Articulate Storyline 2

Available Dates: Aug 6-7, Oct 24-25, Dec 10-11
Class Length: 2 day
Cost: $875

Class Outline:

In this course, the participants will learn the following:
• Understand the Storyline workflow process and storyboarding
• Understand Scenes and Slides
• Use the Timeline feature to change object timing
• Understand Layers
• Publish your project to HTML5 and SWF files
• Add narration by recording or importing audio
• Increase user interactivity with click, highlight, and text entry boxes
• Add interest by inserting rollovers
• Insert question and scoring slides
• Create interest by branching to different Slides and Scenes
• Import PowerPoint slides into a project
• Creating hyperlinks to websites and to another project

What is Storyline?
• What kinds of e-Learning courses can I create with Storyline?
• How is Storyline different than Articulate Studio?

Getting Started
• Story, Scene, and Slide View

Building Blocks
• Using Slides, Layers, Triggers, and States
• Getting Started with Characters

Using Characters to Understand Triggers and States
• Editing the Character Slide with Layers
• Adding Additional Triggers to Buttons
• Layer Properties

Adding Content to Your Course
• Course Design
• Slide Design
• Illustrations: Pictures, Screenshot, Shapes, and Captions
• Media
• Video
• Flash
• Audio
• Web Object
• Timeline: Syncing Audio with Objects, Cue Points, and Synchronizing Your Audio to Objects
• Animations
• Inserting "Zoom Region" Feature

Developing Interactions
• Templates
• Interactive Objects
• Trigger
• Button
• Hotspot
• Marker
• Data Entry
• Scrolling Panel
• Mouse
• Button Set

Publishing Basics
• Player Design: Basic Features, Menu, Resources, Glossary, Colors and Effects, Text Labels and Settings, Custom Player Settings at Slide Level

Publishing Your Module:
• Publish for LMS or Articulate Online
• Reporting and Tracking
• Publishing for HTML5 and Mobile Devices

Creating Assessments
• Graded or Survey Questions
• Freeform Questions Lab
• Question Bank
• Result Slides

• What is Scenario-Based Learning?
• What is a Simulation?
• Why Simulations?

Screen Recording
• Record Your Screencast Lab
• Position and Resize Recording Area
• Three-Step Recording Process
• Insert "Video on a single slide"
• Insert Recording as "Step-by-step slides"
• Fine Tuning Slides: "Action Fine Tuning" Feature
• Fine Tuning Slides: Adjusting the Hotspots
• Utilizing the "Properties" Features

• Using a Lightbox to Nest a Navigation Slide
• Using a Lightbox to Nest a "Hint" Slide