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Web Design: CSS, HTML, XHTML & JavaScript

Available Dates: July 9-11, Aug 29-31, Sept 5-7, Oct 3-5, Nov 12-14, Dec 26-28
Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,295

Class Outline:

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Structuring Documents for the Web
Topic A: A Web of Structured Documents
Topic B: Introducing HTML and XHTML
Topic C: Basic Text Formatting
Topic D: Presentational Elements
Topic E: Phrase Elements
Topic F: Lists
Topic G: Editing Text
Topic H: Using Character Entities for Special Characters
Topic I: Comments
Topic J: The < font > Element (Deprecated)
Topic K: Understanding Block and Inline Elements
Topic L: Grouping Elements with < div > and < span >
Topic M: Core Elements and Attributes
Topic N: Attribute Groups

Lesson 2: Links and Navigation
Topic A: Basic Links
Topic B: Understanding Directories and Directory Structures
Topic C: Understanding URLs
Topic D: Creating Links with the < a > Element
Topic E: Advanced E - mail Links

Lesson 3: Images, Audio, and Video
Topic A: Adding Images Using the < img > Element
Topic B: Using Images as Links
Topic C: Image Maps
Topic D: Choosing the Right Image Format
Topic E: Adding Flash, Video, and Audio to Your Web Pages

Lesson 4: Tables
Topic A: Introducing Tables
Topic B: Basic Table Elements and Attributes
Topic C: Adding a < caption > to a Table
Topic D: Grouping Sections of a Table
Topic E: Nested Tables
Topic F: Accessible Tables

Lesson 5: Forms
Topic A: Introducing Forms
Topic B: Creating a Form with the < form > Element
Topic C: Form Controls
Topic D: Creating Labels for Controls and the < label > Element
Topic E: Structuring Your Forms with < fieldset > and < legend > Elements
Topic F: Focus
Topic G: Disabled and Read - Only Controls
Topic H: Sending Form Data to the Server

Lesson 6: Frames
Topic A: Introducing the Frameset
Topic B: When To Use Frames
Topic C: The < frameset > Element
Topic D: The < frame > Element
Topic E: The < noframes > Element
Topic F: Creating Links Between Frames
Topic G: Setting a Default Target Frame Using the < base > Element
Topic H: Nested Framesets
Topic I: Inline or Floating Frames with < iframe >

Lesson 7: Cascading Style Sheets
Topic A: Introducing CSS
Topic B: Where You Can Add CSS Rules
Topic C: CSS Properties
Topic D: Controlling Text
Topic E: Text Formatting
Topic F: Text Pseudo - Classes
Topic G: Selectors
Topic H: Lengths
Topic I: Introducing the Box Model

Lesson 8: More Cascading Style Sheets
Topic A: Links
Topic B: Backgrounds
Topic C: Lists
Topic D: Tables
Topic E: Outlines
Topic F: The :focus and :active Pseudo - Classes
Topic G: Generated Content
Topic H: Miscellaneous Properties
Topic I: Additional Rules
Topic J: Positioning and Layout with CSS

Lesson 9: Page Layout
Topic A: Understanding the Site ’ s Audience
Topic B: Page Size (and Screen Resolution)
Topic C: Designing Pages
Topic D: Coding Your Design
Topic E: Developing for Mobile Devices

Lesson 10: Design Issues
Topic A: Typography
Topic B: Navigation
Topic C: Tables
Topic D: Forms

Lesson 11: Learning JavaScript
Topic A: What Is Programming About?
Topic B: How to Add a Script to Your Pages
Topic C: The Document Object Model
Topic D: Starting to Program with JavaScript
Topic E: Variables
Topic F: Operators
Topic G: Functions
Topic H: Conditional Statements
Topic I: Looping
Topic J: Events
Topic K: Built - in Objects
Topic L: Writing JavaScript

Lesson 12: Working with JavaScript
Topic A: Practical Tips for Writing Scripts
Topic B: Form Validation
Topic C: Form Enhancements
Topic D: JavaScript Libraries

Lesson 13: Putting Your Site on the Web
Topic A: Meta Tags
Topic B: Testing Your Site
Topic C: Taking the Leap to Live
Topic D: Telling the World about Your Site
Topic E: Understanding Your Visitors
Topic F: What Next?

Lesson 14: Checklists
Topic A: Search Engine Optimization Checklist
Topic B: Accessibility Checklist
Topic C: Differences Between HTML and XHTML
Topic D: HTML 5