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Sharepoint Designer 2010: Intermediate

Available Dates: Call For Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Highlights of this intermediate-level course include information on integrating external data with SharePoint; creating interactive SharePoint pages; using master pages; using styles and cascading style sheets; using Site Templates, subsites, and web parts; using lists and libraries; and creating workflows.

Course Outline:
Section One: Integrating External Data with SharePoint
Lesson 1.1: Viewing Existing Data Sources
Lesson 1.2: Doing More with Data Sources
Lesson 1.3: Linking to Other External Files

Section Two: Creating Interactive SharePoint Pages
Lesson 2.1: Creating an HTML Page
Lesson 2.2: Creating an ASPX Page
Lesson 2.3: Creating a Page with SharePoint Controls
Lesson 2.4: Using Master Pages
Lesson 2.5: Doing More with Master Pages

Section Three: Using Styles and Cascading Style Sheets
Lesson 3.1: Using Cascading Style Sheets
Lesson 3.2: Understanding the Style Tab
Lesson 3.3: Managing Style Use
Lesson 3.4: Managing Properties

Section Four: Using Site Templates, Subsites, and Web Parts
Lesson 4.1: Working with SharePoint Templates
Lesson 4.2: Working with Subsites
Lesson 4.3: Working with Web Parts, Part One
Lesson 4.4: Working with Web Parts, Part Two
Lesson 4.5: Working with Web Part Zones

Section Five: Using Lists and Libraries
Lesson 5.1: Lists and Libraries
Lesson 5.2: Editing Lists and Libraries
Lesson 5.3: Working with Individual Lists and Libraries
Lesson 5.4: Working with Columns
Lesson 5.5: Customizing List or Library Behavior

Section Six: Using Workflows
Lesson 6.1: Getting Started
Lesson 6.2: Creating a New Workflow
Lesson 6.3: Managing Workflows
Lesson 6.4: Finishing the Workflow