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#6426 Configuring Identity and Access Solutions with Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

Available Dates: Call for Dates
Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,497

Class Outline:

Description: This instructor-led course provides the knowledge and skills that IT Professionals need to configure identity and access solutions with Windows Server 2008 Active Directory.

Pre-Reqs: The audience for this course is IT Professionals interested in learning how to implement IDA solutions in an enterprise environment. Most students will be IT professionals who are responsible for integrating applications and platforms with enterprise directory and security services while increasing access to a growing number of customers and partners.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
•Describe identity and access solutions.
•Configure Active Directory Certificate Services.
•Deploy and manage certificates.
•Configure Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services.
•Configure Active Directory Federation Services.
•Configure Active Directory Rights Management Services.
•Maintain access management solutions.
•Troubleshoot identity and access solutions.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Exploring IDA SolutionsLessons
•Overview of IDA Management
•Active Directory Server Roles in IDA Management
•Overview of ILM 2007
Lab : Exploring IDA Solutions
•Explore how Active Directory Server Roles will provide IDA Management solutions

Module 2: Configuring AD CSLessons
•Overview of PKI
•Deploying a CA Hierarchy
•Installing AD CS
•Managing CA
Lab : Configuring AD CS
•Installing the AD CS Server Role
•Issuing and Installing a Subordinate Certificate
•Publishing the CRL

Module 3: Deploying and Managing CertificatesLessons •Deploying Certificates by Using AD CS
•Deploying Certificates by Using Autoenrollment
•Revoking Certificates
•Configuring Certificate Templates
•Configuring Certificate Recovery
Lab : Deploying and Managing Certificates
•Configuring AD CS Web Enrollment
•Configuring Certificate Enrollment
•Configuring AD CS Certificate Revocation
•Configuring AD CS Certificate Templates
•Managing Key Archival and Recovery

Module 4: Configuring AD LDSLessons •Installing and Configuring AD LDS
•Configuring AD LDS Instances
•Configuring AD LDS Replication
•Configuring AD LDS Integration with AD DS
Lab : Configuring AD LDS
•Configuring an AD LDS instance and an application partition
•Configuring AD LDS Access Control
•Configuring AD LDS Replication
•Configuring AD DS and AD LDS synchronization

Module 5: Configuring AD FSLessons •Overview of AD FS
•AD FS Deployment Scenarios
•Deploying AD FS
•Implementing AD FS Claims
Lab : Configuring AD FS for Federated Web SSO by Using Forest Trust Scenario
•Installing the AD FS Server Role
•Configuring Certificate Requirements
•Configuring the AD FS Web Agent
•Configuring the Web Server application on a virtual computer
•Configuring the Forest Trust and the Federated Trust Policies
•Configuring the Federation Service Within the Internal Network
•Configuring the Federation Service Within the Extranet
•Testing the AD FS Implementation
Lab : Configuring Active Directory Federation Services by Using Federated Web SSO Scenario
•Installing the AD FS Server Role
•Configuring Certificate Requirements
•Configuring the AD FS Web Agent
•Configuring the Web Server application on a virtual computer
•Configuring the Federation Trust Policies
•Configuring the Account Partner Federation Service
•Configuring the Resource Partner Federation Service

Module 6: Configuring AD RMSLessons
•Overview of AD RMS
•Installing and Configuring AD RMS Server Components
•Administering AD RMS
•Implementing AD RMS Trust Policies
Lab : Configuring AD RMS
•Installing the AD RMS Server Role
•Managing AD RMS rights policy templates
•Configuring Trust Policies
•Testing AD RMS functionality

Module 7: Maintaining Access Management SolutionsLessons •Supporting AD CS
•Maintaining AD LDS
•Maintaining AD FS
•Maintaining AD RMS
Lab : Maintaining Access Management Solutions
•Configuring CA Event Auditing
•Implementing role-based administration in AD CS
•Backing up a CA
•Reconfiguring AD RMS cluster settings
•Generating AD RMS Reports
•Configuring AD RMS logging

Module 8: Troubleshooting IDA SolutionsLessons •Troubleshooting AD CS
•Troubleshooting AD LDS
•Resolving AD FS Issues
•Solving AD RMS Issues
Lab : Troubleshooting IDA Solutions
•Identifying Tools and Troubleshooting Techniques of IDA Solutions