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#55016: Intro to SharePoint 2010

Available Dates: Call for Availability
Class Length: 1 day

Class Outline:

This ½ to full day class is designed for SharePoint team members who need to know how to use the team collaboration and document management features of a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Team Site.

Course Outline:

Module 1: SharePoint Overview

This module provides an introduction to the topics covered in the class and introduces SharePoint terminology.

• What is SharePoint?
• Team Collaboration
• Document Management

Module 2: Accessing SharePoint

This module covers the SharePoint user interface and basic site navigation.

• Logon
• SharePoint Navigation
• Regional Settings

Module 3: SharePoint Libraries

• Document Libraries
• Library Navigation
• Opening Documents
• Checking Out Documents
• Creating Alerts
• Uploading Documents
• Blocked File Types
• Creating Folders
• Creating New Documents
• Views
• Picture and Asset Libraries

Module 4: Search

This module covers searching SharePoint content.

• Search Features
• Advanced Search

Module 5: Using SharePoint Task Lists

This module covers team collaboration using Task lists.

• Adding and Updating Tasks
• Using Task Views
• Synchronizing Tasks lists with Outlook

Module 6: Working with Calendars

This module covers the use of team calendars.

• Calendar Navigation and Views
• Adding Calendar Events
• Dealing with long lists of events
• Synchronizing SharePoint Calendars with Outlook

Module 7: SharePoint Wikis

This module covers the use of Wiki libraries.

• Creating a knowledgebase with a Wiki
• Editing a Wiki
• Wiki Versioning
• Incoming Links
• Wiki Views

Module 8: Discussion Boards

This module covers the use of Discussion Boards.

• Create new discussions
• Read and Reply to discussions
• Flat and Threaded Views

Module 9: SharePoint Social Features

This module covers the use of Blogs, Social Tagging and My Site.

• Blogs
• Tagging Content
• My Sites