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#50352B: SharePoint 2010 Overview for End Users

Available Dates: Call for Availability
Class Length: 3 day

Class Outline:

This 3-day instructor-led course explores all the new end user features exposed in SharePoint 2010.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Overview
A simple introduction module.

Module 2: SharePoint Introduction
In this module, we are going to answer the all-important questions of "What" and "Why" should we be using SharePoint. We are also going to look at the new and exciting features of SharePoint 2010!

•What’s New in SharePoint 2010
•End User Adoption
•What is SharePoint?
•Why SharePoint?

Module 3: Collaboration Experience
In this module we take a look at common features of the basic SharePoint site. Throughout this course we will create and manage several different pieces of content and the team site will be our site of choice for doing this! Understanding this site is the center piece of understanding SharePoint and applying it to your everyday life!

•New SharePoint Features

Module 4: Lists
In this module, we are going to take a look at lists from a end user standpoint, but also very quickly from a database standpoint as well. We will talk about the new lists of SharePoint 2010 and what things have changed when working with any type of list.

•SharePoint 2010 Features

Module 5: List Management
We explored the types of lists that come out of the box in the last module. In this module, we will explore how to manage those lists!

•List Management

Module 6: Permissions
In this module we take a look at SharePoint permissions. We will learn about SharePoint groups, permission levels, permissions and explore the new Permission Finders.

•SharePoint Permissions

Module 7: SharePoint Foundation Site Definitions
In this module we are going to review the SharePoint Foundation site definitions.

•SharePoint Foundation Sites

Module 8: SharePoint Server Site Definitions
In this module we will explore each of the site definitions that come with SharePoint Server.

•SharePoint Server Site Definitions

Module 9: Office Integration
In this module we are going to take a look at how SharePoint and Office interact.

•Office Integration
•SharePoint Workspace 2010
•Web Applications

Module 10: My Site
In this module we will review the SharePoint MOSS feature called My Site!
•My Site
•What is Social Computing