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#2373B: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Available Dates: Call for Availability
Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,495

Class Outline:

The goal of this course is to provide Microsoft Visual Basic developers with the knowledge and skills needed to develop Microsoft .NET-based applications by using Visual Basic .NET. Visual Basic .NET is a significant upgrade to Visual Basic and incorporates many new features and framework goals of the .NET architecture. These changes will allow Visual Basic developers to create enterprise applications for the .NET Platform and to create more traditional Visual Basic applications that can take advantage of the enhancements to the language.

Audience Profile
This course is intended primarily for developers who use Visual Basic 4.0 or later as their primary language, who use Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and Active Server Pages (ASP) to develop applications, and who plan to use Visual Basic .NET for future application development.

At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
•List the major elements of the .NET Framework and describe some of the major enhancements to the new version of Visual Basic.
•Describe the basic structure of a Visual Basic .NET project and use the main features of the integrated development environment (IDE).
•Use the new language features and syntax in Visual Basic .NET.
•Explain the basic concepts and terminology of object-oriented design specifically for Visual Basic .NET.
•Explain and use the basic concepts and terminology of object-oriented programming in Visual Basic .NET.
•Create applications by using Microsoft Windows Forms.
•Create Internet applications that use Web Forms and Web Services.
•Create applications that use ADO.NET.
•Create components in Visual Basic .NET.
•Set up and deploy various types of Visual Basic .NET-based applications.
•Prepare existing Visual Basic-based applications for upgrade to Visual Basic .NET.

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