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Access 2003: Database Administration 1:00pm - 4:30pm

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Class Length: Half day

Class Outline:

Course Outline
Unit 6 : Database management
Topic A: 0 Optimizing resources
A-1: Converting a database to a prior version
A-2: Analyzing performance
A-3: Splitting a database
A-4: Using the Compact and Repair Database utility
A-5: Backing up a database
Topic B: 0 Replicating and synchronizing databases
B-1: Replicating a database
B-2: Synchronizing replicated databases
Unit 7 : Security fundamentals
Topic A: 0 Protecting databases
A-1: Setting a password to a database
A-2: Removing a password
Topic B: 0 Encrypting and decrypting databases
B-1: Encrypting a database
B-2: Decrypting a database
Topic C: 0 User-level security