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Access 2003: Data Entry Skills 8:30am-12pm

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: Half day

Class Outline:

Target Audience
Data entry clerks, administrative personnel

This is an entry level class. No prior Microsoft Access experience is required, but students should familiar with basic computer operation. (That is, if you can check your email and surf the web, you know enough to take this class.)
Course Overview
Access Data Entry Skills teaches students how to work with data in Access tables and forms. Students learn how to enter, edit and delete data. They also learn how to sort, filter, and change specific information and how to sort. The course ends with tips for improving data entry speed and accuracy, and for resolving common problems.

Course Outline
Unit 1 : Getting started
Topic A: 0 Database concepts
A-1: Identifying database components
A-2: Identifying the advantages of relational databases
Topic B: 0 Exploring the Access environment
B-1: Starting Access and examining the Access window
B-2: Opening a database
B-3: Examining the Database window
B-4: Examining a database table
Topic C: 0 Getting help
C-1: Using the Type a question for help box
C-2: Using the Office Assistant
Topic D: 0 Closing a database and Access

Unit 2: Table Data Entry
Topic A: Navigating tables
Topic B: Entering, editing and deleting data

Unit 3: Form Data Entry
Topic A: Navigating forms
Topic B: Entering, editing and deleting data

Unit 4: Finding and Organizing Data
Topic A: Finding and editing records in tables
A-1: Finding and replacing a value
A-2: Undoing changes
A-3: Using the spelling checker
Topic B: Organizing records in tables
Topic C: Finding and editing records in forms

Unit 5: Data Entry Tips (Supplement)
Topic A: Speeding up data entry
Topic B: Resolving common data entry problems (Key violations, referential integrity problems)