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Access 2003: Basic Report Design 8:30am-12pm

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Class Length: Half day

Class Outline:

Target Audience
Data analysts and database designers

Course Overview

Course Outline
Unit 1: Working with reports (ACC03-L1-U7)
Topic A: 0 Creating reports
A-1: Examining a report
A-2: Creating reports by using AutoReport
A-3: Creating reports by using the Report Wizard
A-4: Creating a report by using Design view
A-5: Creating a report by using a query
Topic B: Modifying and printing reports
B-1: Modifying a report in Design view
B-2: Grouping information in a report
B-3: Checking errors in reports
B-4: Adding summary fields by using the Report Wizard
B-5: Modifying the layout and style of a report
B-6: Changing field properties
B-7: Printing a report

Unit 5 : Advanced reports (ACC03-L2-U5)
Topic A: 0 Customized headers and footers
A-1: Adding a report header
A-2: Adding a report footer
A-3: Applying conditional formatting
A-4: Keeping parts of a report on the same page
A-5: Adding controls to group footers
A-6: Forcing a new page
A-7: Working with the HideDuplicates property
Topic B: 0 Adding calculated values
B-1: Working with the DateDiff function
B-2: Using the IIf function
Topic C: 0 Subreports