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Access 2003: Basic Query Design 8:30am-12pm

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: Half day

Class Outline:

Target Audience:
Data analysts and database designers

Students should have a solid grasp of the skills taught in Access Data Entry Skills.

Course Overview:
This course teaches students to design select queries,
Course Outline
Unit 1: Simple queries
Topic A: Creating and using queries
A-1: Planning a query
A-2: Using the Simple Query Wizard
A-3: Creating a query in Design view
A-4: Saving and running the query
A-5: Sorting query results
A-6: Filtering query results
Topic B: Modifying query results and queries
B-1: Editing query results
B-2: Adding fields to a query
B-3: Removing fields from a query
B-4: Finding records with empty fields
Topic C: Performing operations in
C-1: Using comparison operators
C-2: Using the OR condition
C-3: Using the AND condition
C-4: Using the * wildcard
C-5: Using calculations in a query
C-6: Totaling a group of records
C-7: Using the Avg and Count functions

Unit 2: Complex queries
Topic A: Joining tables in queries
A-1: Creating a query by using the Simple Query Wizard
A-2: Creating a join in Design view
A-3: Creating an outer join
A-4: Creating a join with an intermediate table
A-5: Creating a self-join query
A-6: Finding records that do not match between tables
Topic B: Creating calculated fields
B-1: Creating a calculated field
B-2: Modifying the format of a displayed value
B-3: Using the Expression Builder
Topic C: Summarizing and grouping values
C-1: Creating a query to display summary values
C-2: Using queries to concatenate values