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Access 2003: Advanced Query Design 1:00pm-4:30pm

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Class Length: Half day

Class Outline:

Target Audience
Data analysts and database designers

Course Overview

Course Outline
Unit 1: Advanced queries
Topic A: Creating crosstab queries
A-1: Viewing a crosstab query
A-2: Using the Crosstab Query Wizard
Topic B: Creating parameter queries
B-1: Creating a single criterion parameter query
B-2: Creating a query with multiple parameters
B-3: Using a wildcard in a parameter query
Topic C: Using action queries
C-1: Adding records to a table with an append query
C-2: Deleting records with a delete query
C-3: Modifying records with an update query
C-4: Creating a make-table query

Unit 2: Querying with SQL
Topic A: SQL and Access
A-1: Discussing Structured Query Language
A-2: Examining an SQL statement in Access
Topic B: Writing SQL statements
B-1: Writing an SQL SELECT statement
B-2: Using the WHERE clause
B-3: Displaying matching records from related tables
B-4: Finding unmatched records
B-5: Getting context-sensitive help in SQL
Topic C: Attaching SQL queries to controls
C-1: Assigning an SQL-specific query to a command button

Unit 3: PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A: PivotTables
A-1: Examining PivotTable view
A-2: Adding fields to a PivotTable
Topic B: Modifying PivotTables
B-1: Creating totals
B-2: Moving fields in a PivotTable
B-3: Showing and hiding details in a PivotTable
B-4: Formatting fields
Topic C: PivotCharts
C-1: Creating a PivotChart