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Access 2003: Advanced Form Design 1:00pm-4:30pm

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Class Length: Half day

Class Outline:

Target Audience
Database designers

Course Overview

Course Outline
Unit 8 : Internet integration
Topic A: 0 Hyperlink fields
Unit 6 : Charts
Topic A: 0 Charts in forms
A-1: Creating a chart in a form
A-2: Modifying a chart in a form
Unit 2 : Advanced forms
Topic A: 0 Using grouped controls
A-1: Creating and using grouped controls
A-2: Adding an option group control to a form
A-3: Modifying the option group control
A-4: Checking errors in forms
Topic B: 0 Refining the user interface
B-1: Adding a tab control to a form
B-2: Preventing modifications
B-3: Creating a Startup form
B-4: Discussing a Switchboard form
Topic C: 0 Creating subforms
C-1: Examining and using a subform
C-2: Creating a subform