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Windows 8

Available Dates: Call for Availability
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Description: This course teaches the core functions and features of
Windows 8. Students will learn how to navigate the Windows 8 interface,
use the Charms bar and search tools, install and use apps, and use Internet
Explorer 10. Then they will learn to manage power options, browse folders,
configure user accounts, and use system security tools. Finally, students
will learn to work with tiles and customize PC settings.
Course Outline:
Unit 1: Getting started with Windows 8
Topic A: Getting around Windows 8
Topic B: Charms

Unit 2: Managing apps
Topic A: Apps and applications
Topic B: Installing apps

Unit 3: Using the web with Windows 8
Topic A: Internet Explorer 10
Topic B: Web apps and desktop IE 10

Unit 4: Managing Windows 8
Topic A: Desktop tools
Topic B: Managing users accounts
Topic C: Windows 8 security features

Unit 5: Personalizing Windows 8
Topic A: Working with tiles
Topic B: PC settings

Unit 6: Keyboard shortcuts
Topic A: Keyboard shortcuts