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Windows 7: New Features

Available Dates: Call for Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

This ILT Series course introduces students to the major new features and enhancements in Windows 7. Students will learn how to customize the Windows 7 environment, use jump lists and gadgets, manage content by using libraries and Windows Explorer, search for content, interact with devices, protect files, troubleshoot problems, and use new privacy and security features in Internet Explorer.

Unit 1 : The Windows 7 environment
Topic A: The Windows 7 desktop
A-1:Identifying desktop components

Topic B: The Start menu and taskbar
B-1:Exploring the Start menu and taskbar

Topic C: Window management
C-1:Switching between windows
C-2:Moving and resizing windows

Unit 2: Customizing the environment
Topic A: Customizing the taskbar and Start menu
A-1:Pinning icons for your frequently used programs
A-2:Removing Start menu shortcuts and taskbar icons
A-3:Customizing Start menu and taskbar properties
A-4:Using Jump Lists

Topic B: Working with gadgets
B-1:Working with gadgets

Unit 3 : Libraries, folders, and content
Topic A: Folders and libraries
A-1:Browsing folders in Windows Explorer
A-2:Using libraries

Topic B: Working with Windows Explorer
B-1:Customizing Windows Explorer
B-2:Editing metadata

Topic C: Searching for content
C-1:Searching for file names and contents

Unit 4: Device Stage
Topic A: Devices and printers
A-1:Exploring devices
A-2:Installing a device
A-3: Installing a local printer

Unit 5 : File protection and troubleshooting
Topic A: File protection
A-1:Scheduling a backup
A-2:Restoring folders and files from a backup
A-3:Securing your data with BitLocker To Go

Topic B: Troubleshooting
B-1:Troubleshooting a problem
B-2:Making an older program compatible with Windows 7
B-3:Recording and reporting a problem

Unit 6: Internet Explorer 8
Topic A: Internet Explorer security and privacy
A1:Configuring the SmartScreen Filter
A2:Configuring security zones
A3:Managing your browsing data
A4:Exploring privacy options