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Visio 2010/2013: Level 1

Available Dates: July 9, Aug 13, Sept 13, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 10
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This one-level workshop shows students how to get the most out of Microsoft Visio 2013. The course includes 12 modules which cover shapes, text, objects, pages, and much more.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: The Basics
Topic A: Getting Started
Topic B: Signing In
Topic C: Creating a New Drawing
Topic D: Saving a Drawing
Topic E: Opening a Drawing

Unit 2: Your First Drawing
Topic A: Understanding the Shapes Pane
Topic B: Adding Shapes to a Drawing
Topic C: Connecting Shapes
Topic D: Using Drag and Drop
Topic E: Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
Topic F: Using Undo and Redo

Unit 3: Working with Shapes
Topic A: Selecting Shapes
Topic B: Moving Shapes
Topic C: Rotating Shapes
Topic D: Resizing Shapes
Topic E: Duplicating Shapes
Topic F: Deleting Shapes

Unit 4: Formatting Shapes
Topic A: Applying a Shape Style
Topic B: Changing the Fill Color
Topic C: Changing the Line Color
Topic D: Adding Effects

Unit 5: Arranging Shapes
Topic A: Using Auto Align
Topic B: Using Auto Space
Topic C: Using Auto Align & Space
Topic D: Changing the Layout of the Page
Topic E: Rotating the Diagram

Unit 6: Formatting Text
Topic A: Changing the Font Face, Size and Color
Topic B: Applying Text Effects
Topic C: Using the Text Dialog
Topic D: Changing Text Alignment
Topic E: Rotating Text

Unit 7: Inserting Art and Objects
Topic A: Inserting Online Pictures
Topic B: Inserting Local Pictures
Topic C: Inserting Charts
Topic D: Inserting CAD Drawings
Topic E: Inserting Text Boxes

Unit 8: Formatting the Page
Topic A: Changing the Theme of the Current Page
Topic B: Choosing Variant for the Current Page
Topic C: Applying a Page Background
Topic D: Adding Borders and Titles

Unit 9: Managing Pages
Topic A: Inserting Pages
Topic B: Browsing Through Pages
Topic C: Renaming Pages
Topic D: Deleting Pages
Topic E: Creating Background Pages

Unit 10: The Finishing Touches
Topic A: Checking Spelling
Topic B: Modifying Page Size
Topic C: Modifying Page Orientation
Topic D: Using Page Setup
Topic E: Adding Headers and Footers

Unit 11: Printing and Sharing Your Drawings
Topic A: Using Presentation Mode
Topic B: Saving a Drawing as PDF or XPS
Topic C: Saving a Drawing as an Image
Topic D: Printing a Drawing
Topic E: E-Mailing a Drawing
Topic F: Sharing Your Drawings on SkyDrive, Twitter, and Facebook

Unit 12: Customizing the Interface
Topic A: Expanding and Collapsing the Ribbon
Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Topic C: Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
Topic D: Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
Topic E: Resetting Interface Changes