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Publisher 2010/2013: Level 2

Available Dates: July 20, Aug 20, Sept 18, Oct 17, Nov 20, Dec 21
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

It can be a lot of work to create a high-quality document that can be made available in various formats for various purposes. That’s where Microsoft Publisher 2013 comes in. It provides the tools to make that job much simpler and smoother. This 12-module course delves into several areas of this program that can lighten your workload. Covered in this course are: Working with Multiple Objects, Inserting Text and Links, Linking Text Boxes, Working with Styles, Using Typography Tools, Working with Images, Using the Graphics Manager, Using the Mail Merge Wizard, Advanced Mail Merge Tasks, Creating a Catalog, and Working with Templates.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Working with Multiple Objects
Topic A: Selecting Multiple Objects
Topic B: Grouping Objects
Topic C: Ungrouping Objects
Topic D: Aligning Objects to Each Other
Topic E: Arranging Objects

Unit 2: Inserting Text and Links
Topic A: Inserting Symbols
Topic B: Inserting the Date and Time
Topic C: Inserting Files
Topic D: Inserting Objects
Topic E: Creating Hyperlinks
Topic F: Creating Bookmarks

Unit 3: Linking Text Boxes
Topic A: Understanding Text Box Links
Topic B: Linking Text Boxes
Topic C: Navigating Through Linked Text Boxes
Topic D: Breaking Text Box Links

Unit 4: Working with Styles
Topic A: Creating a New Style
Topic B: Modifying Styles
Topic C: Deleting Styles
Topic D: Importing Styles

Unit 5: Using Typography Tools
Topic A: Inserting Drop Caps
Topic B: Choosing a Number Style
Topic C: Choosing a Ligature Style
Topic D: Choosing a Stylistic Set
Topic E: Managing Swashes
Topic F: Choosing Stylistic Alternates

Unit 6: Working with Images
Topic A: Using an Image as a Page Background
Topic B: Cropping to a Shape
Topic C: Cropping to Fit or Fill
Topic D: Correcting Images
Topic E: Recoloring Images

Unit 7: Using the Graphics Manager
Topic A: Opening the Graphics Manger
Topic B: Setting Display and Sort Options
Topic C: Embedding Images
Topic D: Saving Linked Images
Topic E: Replacing Images
Topic F: Viewing Image Properties

Unit 8: Using the Mail Merge Wizard
Topic A: Starting the Wizard
Topic B: Selecting Recipients
Topic C: Previewing Results
Topic D: Creating the Publication
Topic E: Completing an E-Mail Merge

Unit 9: Advanced Mail Merge Tasks
Topic A: Using the Mailings Tab
Topic B: Creating Personalized Hyperlinks
Topic C: Printing the Recipient List
Topic D: Saving a Shortcut to the Recipient List
Topic E: Exporting the Recipient List

Unit 10: Creating a Catalog, Part One
Topic A: Inserting Catalog Pages
Topic B: Choosing a Data Source
Topic C: Creating a Data Source from Scratch
Topic D: Choosing a Layout

Unit 11: Creating a Catalog, Part Two
Topic A: Adding Text Fields
Topic B: Adding Picture Fields
Topic C: Previewing the Results
Topic D: Completing the Merge

Unit 12: Working with Templates
Topic A: Creating a Template
Topic B: Saving a Template
Topic C: Using a Template
Topic D: Editing a Template