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Project 2010/2013: Level 2

Available Dates: July 26, Aug 20, Sept 24, Oct 24, Nov 28, Dec 27
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This ILT Series course builds on the concepts and skills taught in the Basic (Level 1) course. Students will learn how to work with templates, create baseline plans, monitor and update projects, analyze project statistics, handle delays and conflicts, create reports, consolidate project files, share resources, and customize Project. Students will also learn how to communicate project information by using Project Server 2013 and how to integrate Project data with other Office applications.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Using templates and importing data
Topic A: Working with templates
Topic B: Creating projects from other programs

Unit 2: Managing a project
Topic A: Setting baselines
Topic B: Updating an active project
Topic C: Monitoring progress

Unit 3: Analyzing and adjusting the plan
Topic A: Analyzing the plan
Topic B: Delays and conflicts
Topic C: Team Planner view

Unit 4: Working with reports
Topic A: Standard reports
Topic B: Visual reports

Unit 5: Customizing Project
Topic A: Custom views
Topic B: Macros
Topic C: Gantt chart formatting
Topic D: Custom fields

Unit 6: Managing multiple projects
Topic A: Consolidating and sharing projects
Topic B: Sharing resources among projects

Unit 7: Exchanging project information
Topic A: Collaboration
Topic B: Hyperlinks
Topic C: Exporting to Office applications