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Office 2013: New Features

Available Dates: Call For Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course covers those features of Microsoft Office 2013 that are new
to the Office system, with dedicated units for the new features of each application. Students
will learn about changes to Backstage View and the Ribbon, including more general
overview of using and customizing the Ribbon for those more familiar with Office versions
previous to 2010. They will also learn Office 2013's new online features, including account
sign-in, cloud storage, and online services. In Word they will use new tools to navigate and
review documents, reply to comments, format a document, align graphics, work with tables,
and open PDF files in Word. In Excel they will format data with the Flash Fill and Quick
Analysis tools, insert charts and PivotTables using recommendations, and format a chart
with the new tool buttons. In PowerPoint they will apply theme variants, match colors with the
Eyedropper, create custom shapes, and rehearse a presentation in Presenter view. Finally,
in Outlook they will use new interface and message elements, explore the new People View,
and compose inline replies.

Course Outline:
Unit 1: Using the Ribbon
Topic A: Office interface elements
Topic B: Customizing the ribbon

Unit 2: Files and online services
Topic A: Microsoft Office Backstage view
Topic B: Online and cloud functions

Unit 3: New Word features
Topic A: Viewing documents
Topic B: Document design
Topic C: Editing PDFs in Word

Unit 4: New Excel features
Topic A: Context-sensitive automation
Topic B: Organizing and presenting data

Unit 5: New PowerPoint features
Topic A: New visual enhancements
Topic B: Arranging presentation elements
Topic C: Presenter view

Unit 6: New Outlook features
Topic A: Navigating Outlook
Topic B: Working with messages