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Office 2007: New Features

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

Course Description:
This course covers those features of Microsoft Office 2007 that are new to the Office system. Students will learn about the Microsoft Office button, Ribbon tabs and Ribbon groups, galleries, contextual Ribbon tabs, Live Preview, the Dialog Box Launcher, the Document Information Panel, and the Mini toolbar. Students will also work with the XML file format and the macro and non-macro file formats. In addition, dedicated units for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access introduce the new features of each application.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: The Office 2007 interface
Topic A: The Office Button menu
Topic B: The Ribbon
Topic C: The Mini toolbar
Topic D: The Quick Access toolbar and the Status bar

Unit 2: The Office XML file format
Topic A: The Office XML format
Topic B: Office XML format compatibility

Unit 3: New Word features
Topic A: Formatting
Topic B: Quick Parts and Building Blocks
Topic C: Shared documents

Unit 4: New Excel features
Topic A: Larger worksheet size
Topic B: Charts and reports
Topic C: Table options
Topic D: PivotTables
Topic E: Excel Services

Unit 5: New PowerPoint features
Topic A: Dynamic SmartArt graphics
Topic B: Slide libraries
Topic C: Sharing presentations
Topic D: Custom layouts

Unit 6: New Outlook features
Topic A: Content management tools
Topic B: The To-Do Bar
Topic C: Shared content

Unit 7: New Access features
Topic A: Data features
Topic B: Reports