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Microsoft Office 365

Available Dates: Jan 3, Feb 22, Mar 25, Apr 30, May 29, Jun 27
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Course Description:
This course introduces Microsoft’s cloud based office services and shows users
how to operate within the Web App’s that are included with the online Office 365

Course Outline:

Topic 1: Office 365- What is it?
Topic 2: Views
Home view
Customizing your view
Topic 3: Outlook Web App
Topic 4: Word Web App
Create a document
Editing a document
Formatting a document
Saving a document
Printing a document
Best practices
Topic 5: Excel Web App
Creating a spreadsheet
Editing a spreadsheet
Formulas and Charts
Saving a spreadsheet
Printing a spreadsheet
Best practices
Topic 6: PowerPoint Web App
Creating a presentation
Editing a presentation
Saving a presentation
Best practices
Topic 8: Shortcuts
Productivity tips